Copper Brazing

Copper brazing pastes are used for joining low carbon steel and stainless steel components.   It offers the fastest and most economical process to furnace brazing for automotive and industrial components. 

  • Brass Powders            
  • CuSnTi Pastes
  • Bronze Powders
  • Copper Phosphorus Powders 

Copper Brazing Powders & Pastes

Model Appearance Composition (Wt %) Solidus-Liquidus Brazing Temperature Application
Cu Powder Cu 99.99 1083°C 1093-1149°C Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cemented Carbide
qCuP-1 Powder / Paste P7-Cu Bal. (BCuP-2) 710-800°C 810-900°C Copper & Brass
qCuP-7 Powder / Paste P6.5-Sn6.5-Si0.1-Cu Bal. 620-660°C 700-780°C Fit for narrow gap brazing
qCuP-11 PastePowder / Paste P5.2-Sn15.6-Ni4.2-Cu Bal. 585-605°C 605-800°C The Lowest Temp CuP Filler Metal, Excellent Flowability, Fit for Fitting Joint
qCuP-12 Powder / Paste P4.5-Sn15.6-Ni2-Cu Bal. 680-699°C 699-830°C Low Temp Filler Metal, Fit for Ferro Alloy Brazing
CuZn45 Powder Cu55-Zn45 885-888°C 910-1000°C Lower Strength Requirements of Cemented Carbide,Steel, Ni & Ni Alloy
CuZn40 Paste Cu60-Zn40 888-899°C 910-954°C Steel, Cu & Cu Alloy, Ni & Ni Alloy-Stainless Steel.
CuZn35Mn6Ni Powder / Paste Cu55-Zn35-Mn6-Ni4 921-935°C 960-1050°C Cemented Carbide,Steel, Ni & Ni Alloy
CuZn42Ni10 Powder / Paste Cu55-Zn42-Ni4 921-935°C 960-1050°C Cemented Carbide,Steel, Ni & Ni Alloy
CuSn10 Powder / Paste Cu90-Sn10 860-1040°C 1020-1050°C Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Furnace Brazing
CuSnTi Powder / Paste Cu70-Sn20-Ti10 850-880°C 880-930°C Vacuum Furnace Brazing of Diamond

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