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AgCuTi Brazing Foil

For the excellent wettability of foil strip brazing filler of AgCuTi alloy, Silver-Copper-Titanium alloy brazing foils was widely used in vacuum brazing, especially dissimilar metal welding.  AgCuTi Foil Series Model Composition Brazing Temp Solidus-Liquidus Application AgCuTi4.5 Ag 66.8 Cu 26.7 Ti 4.5 780-810℃ 780-900℃ Vacuum Furnace Brazing AgCuTi3.3 Ag Bal. Cu 27 Ti 3.3 850-900℃ 620-720℃ Vacuum Furnace | Atomosphere Protection Brazing Typical Application: Ceramic & Metal Brazing, Ceramic & Ceramic Functions: Produces robust, highly dependable, and vacuum-sealed brazed joints Reduces manufacturing time and costs for ceramic

How to choose between water-based pure copper brazing paste vs. water-based organics brazing paste?

Water-based pure copper brazing paste is generally composed of pure copper powder and water, this brazing paste is very environmentally friendly, fast evaporation, simple and convenient low-cost, but the appearance of the brazing paste is relatively rough, easy to delamination, is not suitable for higher degree of automation similar to the syringe injection injection feeding method, and the pure copper powder will be a slow chemical reaction with the water resulting in storage time is not long enough. Aqueous organics do not contain water, but

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