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Brazing Pastes & Conductive Pastes

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200+ Different Brazing Powders & Pastes, Silver Conductive Pastes

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Unlock the potential of your projects with our high-performance products. Explore our Brazing Paste, PDLC Film Conductive Silver Paste, and MoMn Conductive Paste. Take your innovations to the next level!

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Discover our Silver Brazing, PDLC Silver, and MoMn Conductive Pastes for strong bonds, electronics, and technology.

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Choose us for superior quality and unmatched expertise.

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As a pro brazing materials supplier, although we got over hundreds of products, but we also have our outstanding feature products. 

Our Service Industries

Ibrazing supplies brazing materials for the jewellery industry, diamond tools, automotive, white goods and electronics industries, and of course we have a large number of tool customers and customers for the brazing of exotic materials.

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About Ibrazing

We Are Brazing Materials & Conductive Pastes Supplier

Since 2010

Ibrazing is well known for the quality of its brazing and conductive pastes. 

With its own technical department, specialized in brazing and conductive products, Ibrazing has the expertise and experience to develop customized processes, in line with customers technical, environmental and budgetary requirements.

Activities cover research, development and manufacturing of brazing and silver conductive pastes. 

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